Chef Elliot

Buffalo Wings & Rings
The Chef behind the menu

A Greater Cincinnati legend, Chef Elliot Jablonsky has owned or operated several well-known restaurants before joining the Buffalo Wings & Rings family. His love for cooking started at the age of 16 when he first cooked for a small Cincinnati eatery called Mozart's. His career heated up from there as he started cooking at some of Cincinnati’s hottest restaurants including Bacchus, Dee Felice and the Waterfront. At age 26, he left Cincinnati for San Antonio to learn classical cuisine from a Swiss chef. Soon, he was ready to strike out on his own. In 1990, he opened his first restaurant and soon more followed – well-respected establishments including Cactus Pear, Tinks and the upscale-casual Vineyard Café.

When he became the R&D Chef of Buffalo Wings & Rings, he immediately set his goals on increasing menu selection & variety, especially in the salad category. He infused more contemporary and ethnic ingredients, while delivering a more elevated menu. “I look at BWR as a place for big fun and big flavor, such as sweet thai chili sauce, chipotle peppers, and smoked flavoring, for example. I’m a big fan of creating seasoning blends - We created a signature burger seasoning that has elements of smoke and garlic. I also enjoy depth of flavor. Our big pepper burger (BPB) is a perfect example. At Buffalo Wings & Rings, it’s easy to apply heat with liberal uses of our signature hot sauces. When creating BPB, I wanted to pepper each layer of the sandwich with a different pepper component, from the burger seasoning, cheese, sauce, and an assorted pepper topping, to create a deep pepper flavor experience.”

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