29 July 2014

IFA SmartBrief Newsletter Makes NY Times Article Headline

A $15 minimum wage is the SEIU's goal. IFA SmartBrief shares a NY Times article in which a Buffalo Wings & Rings franchisee joins the discussion on how this impacts the restaurant industry.Read the Full Article.

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28 July 2014

BW&R Quoted in New York Times Article

Steven Greenhouse,The New York Times labor and workplace reporter speaks with Chicago Buffalo Wings & Rings franchisee Francis O'Donnell about the significance of the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage.Read the Full Article.

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22 July 2014

Buffalo Wings & Rings One of Top Five Companies Hiring

With Buffalo Wings & Rings plans to add 5 - 6 new locations this year, Fox Business Network reports that those 250 - 280 jobs make it a top five company for new jobs.See the Report.

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18 July 2014

BW&R Wins Best Boneless Chicken Wings

The award for best boneless chicken wing at Dayton's Kickin' Chicken Wing Fest went to Buffalo Wings and Rings garlic and Parmesan wings, chicken chunks in a tangy garlic buffalo sauce with flakes of cheese.Read the Full Article.

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08 July 2014

Fox 45 Buffalo Wings & Rings Joins Kickin' Chicken Wing Fest 2014

Buffalo Wings & Rings delivers breakfast to WRGT's Fox 45 in the Morning and talks about the upcoming Kickin' Chicken Wing Fest while there.Watch the Video.

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