A Buffalo of Your OwnStore Front


Our franchisees are the heart of our organization. Their commitment, determination and drive to build our unique brand experience has made us who we are today.

Buffalo Wings & Rings is a fun, energetic place to catch up and connect, so it’s not surprising that our franchisees love to entertain and have a great appreciation for sports. They are hands-on owners who put in the time and effort necessary to build a strong business and create a one-of-a kind dining experience. They enjoy spending time in their communities and are true leaders who can motivate their staff to be engaging and provide an exceptional level of service. They have restaurant management experience and a strong understanding of the financials and goals that make a restaurant successful.

If you’ve owned a business in the past or currently own multiple restaurant units, and exhibit the strengths listed above, Buffalo Wings & Rings may be for you.

Franchising Philosophy

Owners Make the Best Operators

In our business, we know there’s nothing more important to success in our industry than an owner who’s personally committed to, and active in, the restaurant business. Across the board, our single unit, multi-unit and area franchisees all assume major roles in the operation of the business creating our customer experience.

Keep the Opening Cost Economical

We realize that converting an existing restaurant or other businesses into a Buffalo Rings & Wings can result in tremendous cost savings. That’s why our staff is well-suited to assist you in evaluating conversions and other construction alternatives that have the potential to reduce upfront costs significantly.

Keep the System Simple

We’ve carefully designed the equipment package as well as operational and business systems to be easy to run and execute. We want our franchisees to spend their time properly servicing every customer and creating a loyal following.

Human Resources are Expensive

People build retail brands. Finding talented people with appropriate experience is key. We will help to review key candidates you are considering. We’ve developed an extensive training program and established personnel policies and programs to provide a pleasant and productive work environment and promote longevity.